President:  Dee Brock - dee.nappy@yahoo.com

Vice-President: Lee Lennon - kallee612@embarqmail.com

Secretary:  Marty Morra - martmorr@comcast.net

Treasurer:  Joe Sewack - (email not provided to avoid scams)

Member-At-Large:  Tom Mehmet - wvtlm@hotmail.com

Email us at: huskies@thevillages.net


Membership:  Lee Lennon - kallee612@embarqmail.com

Hospitality/Refreshments:  Linda Kiernan - casey6toes2002@yahoo.com,  Cindy McDermott - cynmcd19@aol.com

Public Relations:  Lee Lennon - kallee612@embarqmail.com

By-Laws:  Helen Gale - marjoy4@yahoo.com

Sport Events/Game Watches:  Dee Brock - dee.nappy@yahoo.com

     Club Trips: Lee Lennon - kallee612@embarqmail.com,      Linda Sewack -                           

50/50 Raffle:  Rita Miller - kennyritam@hotmail.com

College Colors Day:  Marty Morra - martmorr@comcast.net

Charities:  Dee Brock - dee.nappy@yahoo.com

Sunshine:  Bev Hawkins - hawkinsir@att.net 

Website: Mart Morra - Martmorr@comcast.net

Nominations: Appointed by President

If you are interested in joining any committee or running for an officer position in the next election, contact the appropriate committee or person. If position is vacant, contact club president.